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Nature-based solutions in the urban context: terminology, classification and scoring for urban challenges and ecosystem services


The concept of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) has emerged to foster sustainable development by addressing social, economic, and environmental urban challenges. However, there is still a considerable lack of agreement on the conceptualization of NBS, especially concerning typologies, nomenclature, and performance assessments in terms of ecosystem services (ES) and urban challenges (UC). Therefore, this article consolidates the knowledge from 4 European projects to set a path for a common understanding of NBS and thus, facilitate their mainstreaming.

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Nature-based solutions A handbook for practicioners 1_350x220

Evaluating the impact of nature-based solutions: A handbook for practitioners


This Handbook aims to provide decision-makers with a comprehensive NBS impact assessment framework, and a robust set of indicators and methodologies to assess impacts of nature-based solutions across 12 societal challenge areas. Indicators have been developed collaboratively by representatives of 17 individual EU-funded NBS projects and collaborating institutions, as part of the European Taskforce for NBS Impact Assessment. They reflect the state of the art in current scientific research on impacts of nature-based solutions and valid and standardized methods of assessment, as well as the state of play in urban implementation of evaluation frameworks.

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Nature-based solutions A handbook for practicioners 1_350x220

Beetles in an urban community garden can indicate global warming


Beetles were surveyed using pitfall traps in the EdiCitNet Living Lab in Andernach, Germany.

Two years of data revealed a beetle fauna characteristic of sandy, warm and dry habitats. Sporadic findings include species typical for the Mediterranean

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Fostering edible cities and landscapes with mundraub

November 2018

This handbook offers different possiblities for you to get involved in rediscovering the city and thinking it further, giving you the chance to use and spread it in the context of your own activity, impacting positively municipalities and cities, organisations, initiatives and associations dedicated to edible city solutions, companies, schools, youth clubs and individuals.

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