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The nonprofit organisation Waterlove gUG was founded in Andernach in 2018 with the goal to save our seas and especially their inhabitants.

Our central feature is to inspire rethinking how to treat nature with care. We stand for nature protection, sustainable environmental protection and above all for protection of water.

Waterlove successfully organizes a lot of clean ups anywhere in Germany. We have a good cooperative partnership with many organizations, associations, companies, schools and kindergartens.

We really enjoy visiting different fairs to inform people about how to prevent waste and we therefore show them several opportunities to replace plastic.

Waterlove has a huge field of action with a lot of projects. One of them is a corporation with a local garage, where you can bring your old tires to. This way we can avoid, that tires are disposed in the woods or in our rivers.

More projects to name are: collection of cigarette butts which are reused again as portable ashtrays; planting trees together with a local supermarket; offering different workshops for example for self-made toothpaste.

Everyone is invited to support Waterlove, come and join us!

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