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This video (in German) shows our partner Mundraub on a tour through Berlin. Mundraub is a company that has created a map showing where you can pick fruit and vegetables. This and the tours organized by Mundraub are intended to make city dwellers want to enjoy nature again and help them to perceive nature’s food as such.

The next part features Dr. Ina Säumel, an urban ecologist and part of the EdiCitNet coordination team. Dr. Ina Säumel examined fruit and vegetables along busy roads for cadmium and lead and concluded that already 10-20 meters distance to roads is enough to stay below the EU limit. Fruit trees are also hardly contaminated.

Finally yet importantly is the edible city of Andernach, also part of the Edible City Network. Here there is an edible garden where all citizens can harvest and which is maintained by the city. This is how you get into discussions about climate change, insect mortality and biodiversity.


Living Lab Berlin – Neukölln


Living Lab Berlin – Neukölln

Gutsgarten Hellersdorf

Living Lab Berlin – Hellersdorf

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