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Extended City Team Meeting in Letchworth

Extended City Team Meeting in Letchworth

How do we showcase the Garden City of the Future? This is one of the central questions that a local team of city representatives, food activists and design researchers explored during last week’s two-day working meeting in Letchworth, UK. Joined by Vic Borrill,...



On 24 October 2019, the annual meeting of EdiCitNet - Edible Cities Network ('Edible Cities Network') was held in Sant Feliu del Llobregat. The event brought together experts on NBS and representatives from different cities and universities from all over Europe. After...

Letchworth Garden City team visits Brighton food provision projects

Letchworth Garden City team visits Brighton food provision projects

This Monday, Vic Borrill (Brighton & Hove Food Partnership) and Katrin Bohn (University of Brighton) welcomed visitors from Letchworth Garden City to the City of Brighton & Hove. As part of the Horizon2020 innovation action project EdiCitNet, the Letchworth...

EdiCitNet Twitter tweets

#NatureBasedSolutions financing: benefit analysis of best practices, economic assessment framework, business models, sustainable financing and maintenance of NBS. Interesting topic to be discussed in the @UNaLab_EU webinar on 5th March 2020

No hi faltarem! A @TechIcra i @LEQUIA_UdG participem a @edicitnet on precisament es treballa per promoure la implementació de solucions inspirades en la natura #naturebasedsolutions per produir aliments locals i al mateix temps proporcionar beneficis ambientals i socio-econòmics

Ajuntament de Girona on Twitter

“Impulsem un projecte d’horts i jardins urbans a Sant Narcís per crear comunitat i un barri comestible i sostenible.🌶️🥦🍅 Menja...

Today learning about nature-based solutions as the best tool to improve urban milieu; several environmental and social benefits provided for green infrastructures, at workshop organised by @RMITEurope; @edicitnet also fosters #NBS for food production @TechIcra @LEQUIA_UdG

"We must highlight the potential of nature-based solutions - where biodiversity can contribute to combating climate change combating desertification ... and to our health and well-being" Hamdallah Zedan, COP-14 presidency.

Join us on 5th March 2020 for Urban By Nature webinar # 7 'Reflexive Monitoring' register and find out more below. @ConnectingNBS @ICLEI_Europe @CitiesWNature #naturebasedsolutions

100% of people using #community #gardens in Brighton & Hove say that they their #happiness increased as a result of taking part. #growing #mentalhealth #health #food #VegPower #PeasPlease @MindBrighton #goldfoodcitybid
(photo credit Simon Dak)

🗞️ Avui @LaVanguardia en paper es fa ressò del nou obrador de pasta i pizza
ecològica únic a Catalunya de la @grupFRN i @AlimentsOnyar

✍️ @barbarajulbe

🚦 I, a més, col.loquen un semàfor verd a Pepita Perich, directora-gerent de la Fundació Ramon Noguera 😃


@JoanaAmerica today’s defending her PhD on nature-based solutions for greywater treatment at @la_UPC ; good pollutants removal but additional benefits also provided by #NBS; currently applying and extending her great knowledge at @edicitnet @TechIcra

The show featured work aligning with themes of community-based stewardship, civic engagement & social infrastructure. Photography, drawing & performance, these artists amplified the work of stewards & the landscapes and neighborhoods with which they work

In the future there could be a series of exhibitions similar to New York's—Who Takes Care of Paris? Who Takes Care of Cairo? Who Takes Care of Delhi?—featuring the faces & actions of stewards in each city combined with artistic perspectives on that work

On Tuesday, February 18 2020, @SenSWBerlin will hold a Workshop about the #Socialimpact of #EdibleCitySolutions. We are really looking forward to this Event.

Our follower #cities have in the first half of the UNaLab project had several workshops with the aim to create their own roadmaps for #naturebasedsolutions 🌿 What have they learned and what do they look forward to in the project's second half? Find out ➡️

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