Edible City Solutions for a better world!

What is EdiCitNet? 

EdiCitNet – a project to participate and shape!!!

Edible Cities Network (EdiCitNet) wants to make cities around the world a better place to live through the real-life implementation and institutional integration of Edible City Solutions (ECS).

ECS includes all forms of urban food production, distribution and use – for example, from neighbourhood gardens, bee or sheep breeding, green facades or high-tech indoor farming services to innovative distribution offers to joint cooking and eating or shops and restaurants offering urban food. The only key requirement is that these ECS´s either help to close the local raw material cycles, to support the local Green Economy, to contribute to the improvement of climate and biodiversity or last but absolutely not least to enhance social cohesion in our cities. A contribution on all points would be perfect, of course.

Food is not only a popular topic of conversation, it connects all people and is common to all.

Edible Cities Network (EdiCitNet) is not a common research project.  It’s an innovation action funded by the European Commission (EASME). That means, we are working under real life conditions with real people, real challenges and real solutions. We are testing, demonstrating, piloting and transferring in close cooperation with local people from the beginning to empower local communities to overcome social problems by their inclusive and participatory dynamics and to create new green businesses and jobs, and thereby generating local economic growth and fostering social cohesion. The systemic use of urban landscapes for food production is a major step towards more sustainable, liveable and healthier cities. A multitude of initiatives around the World, however fragmented, are prospering, forming a global movement of Edible Cities.

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