Edible City Solutions لعالم أفضل!

Nabolagshager and the Agency for Urban Environment (@Bymiljøetaten), hosted on the 30th of September the first workshop of a series of three workshops to help urban agriculture initiatives in Oslo to develop their sustainable financial models. During the first workshop “Identifying and communicating your value”, we looked at how we can align our own personal values and goals with those of our project, and how to communicate the value of our work to the external world.

We want to thank all the participants for attending the workshop at @Linderud gård and we hope they found the session helpful and informative. Special thanks goes to Alice Bischof from @Wageningen University, who came to Oslo to help participants to identify and communicate the value of their organizations using the “Business Model Diamond” tool.

We look forward very much to meeting you all the participants again at the next workshop on the 21st of October!!

You can find more information about the workshops “Finding Sustainable Economic Models in Urban Agriculture” in this link: https://www.edicitnet.com/workshops-oslo-finding-sustainable-economic-models-in-urban-agriculture/