Edible City Solutions for a better world!

From how to set up a successful urban food business to how to generate media attention and how to evaluate the values of your Edible City initiative – here you’ll find a range of handbooks and guidelines with some key findings from the Edible Cities Network project.

Media guide for edible city initiatives

Introduction to Journalism for Edible City initiatives

Find out how to create a newsworthy event and get media attention for your urban food intiative with our Media Training Guide for Edible City Initiatives.

Download it here.


urban agrictulture urban farming business plan growing initiatives

Growing Jobs in Urban Agriculture

Learn more about the process of setting up a successful Edible City business or organisation with the Growing Jobs in Urban Agriculture Playbook.

Download it here.


Diamond model user guide for evaluating urban food initiatives

The Diamond Model

The Diamond Model is a tool that could help you gain a new perspective on your urban food initiative, identify its core values and develop strategies that will ensure it stays strong, stable and thriving long into the future.

The Diamond Model can also help you communicate effectively about how, why and to whom your organisation makes a difference.

Find out more here.


leitfaden zur ausschreibung fachgerechter obstbaumpflege mundraub edicitnet

Leitfaden zur Ausschreibung fachgerechter Obstbaumpflege

Seit einigen Jahren erfährt der traditionelle Berufsstand des
Obstbaumwartes wieder eine Renaissance. Diese Fachleute können Ihnen dabei helfen, Ihren Obstbaumbestand fachgerecht zu pflegen und wieder aufzuwerten. Der vorliegende kurze Leitfaden ist ein erster Einstieg für Sie, um sich
mit Ihren Obstbäumen zu beschäftigen und Ihnen die Auswahl des
richtigen Dienstleisters zu erleichtern.

Hier runterladen.



EU-Funded Nature-based Solutions Research Projects Addressing Societal Challenges Across Ecosystems

The European Commission defines Nature-based solutions (NBS) as “solutions that are inspired and supported by nature, which are cost-effective, simultaneously provide environmental, social and economic benefits and help build resilience”. NBS must benefit biodiversity and support the delivery or a range of ecosystem services.

Download the visualisations here.



Fostering Edible Cities & Landscapes with Mundraub

This handbook contains ten years of knowledge from the organization mundraub and was compiled for the European project EdiCitNet (Edible Cities Network).

Download the handbook here.



School Garden on a Cooperative Farm (Skolehage på andelsgård)

This handbook is an educational tool for teachers working with children in a school garden setting or an urban farm. It includes an educational programme for kindergarten children as well as teaching plans for primary and secondary schools. It was developed by the urban farming organisation U-Reist and the Oslo Agency for Urban Environment.

This resource is in Norwegian. Download the handbook here.