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Want to make your city a greener, more inclusive, more sustainable place to live? Join the Edible Cities Network to connect with like-minded people, learn about green urban food initiatives from around the world and find out how everyone can take action for a more resilient food future.

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EdiCitNet Global Lunch Talks

In the webinar series EdiCitNet Global Lunch Talks we are exploring experiences from different countries around the world: challenges, opportunities and best practice cases for greener, more liveable and more edible cities.

The Edible Cities Network is an EU-funded project designing and implementing urban food innovations and sustainable urban planning for greener, more edible and, above all, more liveable cities.


The EdiCitNet project brings together diverse people from throughout the world to find ways of tackling urgent urban challenges – from climate change to social exclusion. To do that, we’re co-creating and testing edible, nature-based solutions in Living Labs, as well as co-developing Master Plans for Edible Cities of the future.

The main goal of the project is to build an ever-growing Network of edible city enthusiasts, all sharing information, inspiration and expertise, and collaborating to make our cities better places to live.

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Green Cities - Create your own ECS
Vols dissenyar i planificar la teva pròpia solució de ciutat comestible? O explorar i comparar la sostenibilitat, els reptes i els serveis ecosistèmics que ofereixen les solucions Edible City existents a tot el món? Feu clic  aqui per visitar la caixa d’eines EdiCitNet.


Green Cities - Do business with ECS
Estàs involucrat en una iniciativa, projecte o negoci d’Edible City i busques oportunitats de col·laboració, assessorament empresarial gratuït, coneixements experts i promoció del teu treball? Feu clic  aquí  aquí per visitar i registrar-vos al mercat EdiCitNet.


Green Cities - Join your edible city
Vols aprendre i compartir informació sobre Edible City Solutions, connectar amb persones amb idees afins i esdeveniments rellevants que tenen lloc a prop teu i rebre actualitzacions a la xarxa de ciutats comestibles? Feu clic aquí per unir-vos a la comunitat de ciutats comestibles.

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