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100% of people using #community #gardens in Brighton & Hove say that they their #happiness increased as a result of taking part. #growing #mentalhealth #health #food #VegPower #PeasPlease @MindBrighton #goldfoodcitybid
(photo credit Simon Dak) https://t.co/vS8knxNZn3

🗞️ Avui @LaVanguardia en paper es fa ressò del nou obrador de pasta i pizza
ecològica únic a Catalunya de la @grupFRN i @AlimentsOnyar

✍️ @barbarajulbe

🚦 I, a més, col.loquen un semàfor verd a Pepita Perich, directora-gerent de la Fundació Ramon Noguera 😃


@JoanaAmerica today’s defending her PhD on nature-based solutions for greywater treatment at @la_UPC ; good pollutants removal but additional benefits also provided by #NBS; currently applying and extending her great knowledge at @edicitnet @TechIcra

The show featured work aligning with themes of community-based stewardship, civic engagement & social infrastructure. Photography, drawing & performance, these artists amplified the work of stewards & the landscapes and neighborhoods with which they work https://t.co/eG239aDmpK

In the future there could be a series of exhibitions similar to New York's—Who Takes Care of Paris? Who Takes Care of Cairo? Who Takes Care of Delhi?—featuring the faces & actions of stewards in each city combined with artistic perspectives on that work https://t.co/eG239aDmpK

On Tuesday, February 18 2020, @SenSWBerlin will hold a Workshop about the #Socialimpact of #EdibleCitySolutions. We are really looking forward to this Event.

Our follower #cities have in the first half of the UNaLab project had several workshops with the aim to create their own roadmaps for #naturebasedsolutions 🌿 What have they learned and what do they look forward to in the project's second half? Find out ➡️ https://t.co/qqfMIIWw77

“We describe the vision of Biophilic Cities as one of immersive nature — nature is not just something to be found in a park here and there that you have to walk to, but rather we need to re-imagine the city AS a park, or AS a forest,” says @TimBeatley

The rise of biophilic — or nature friendly — cities

More cities are working to incorporate nature throughout, beyond parks.


[News coverage] #Nantes Nord #LivingLab : une application participative pour imaginer le futur du quartier (A participative app to imagine the future of the district #SuperBarrio @NantesMetropole @nantesfr @nantesandco @KHildinghamann https://t.co/LnJIN3miHd

Read our journey to include food growing in developments around #Brighton & Hove. We've had great support to date & the story continues. @EsmeeFairbairn @edicitnet @LoveLetchworth @BrightonHoveCC @FoodCities

Calling all Nature-Based Enterprises we would like to invite you to participate in our 'Survey on Nature-Based Enterprises (NBEs)' which is live in 10 languages on our website now -
https://t.co/ikDzlfdhHd #naturebasedsolutions

Thanks for hosting us today Letchworth Garden City for the @edicitnet project. Fab to see you have a community food growing space super visible & right next to the high street (not the most bountiful time of Yr to visit tho🤔) @LetchworthGC

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