In the new episode of the HU science podcast “Unendliche Weiten, faszinierende Welten”, our colleague Dr. Ina Säumel talks to radio presenter Claudia Knoblauch in an interview in Prinzessinnengärten Berlin about the EdiCitNet project and edible cities in general.

They talk about how cities such as Rotterdam and Havana, as pioneers, supply their inhabitants with vegetables grown in the city itself. Although “urban gardening” is a worldwide trend, it is difficult for citizens’ initiatives in cities like Berlin to turn it into sustainable and, above all, long-lasting projects.

Dr. Ina Säumel is the head of the Multifunctional Landscapes research group at IRI THESys, where our project is based. She researches the functions and advantages of urban gardens and the question of how to support the mostly small citizens’ initiatives. The most important thing would be to take urban gardens into account in future urban planning and to plan for them from the outset.

The podcast in German and further information can be found here: