Fundació Solidaritat

The UB Solidarity Foundation (FSUB) has a large experience in promoting the social and labor integration of people at risk of social exclusion in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona through social agriculture. FSUB has implemented several social farming projects and has focus its work on the educational, recreational, personal well-being and social functions of the urban gardens.

FSUB also promotes other types of NBS for sustainable development and social resilience in several countries (Senegal, Mauritania and Vietnam). FSUB through its water and environment program aims to contribute to the sustainable water management promotion and has an active role in boosting and implementing nature based technologies (e.g. Constructed wetlands) at international level.

Some of our best practices are Social gardens in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, providing an occupation to unemployed people in 70 gardens and 3 Plots of 2.300 m2 in Santa Coloma de Gramenet also with unemployed, pensioners and vulnerable groups.  In addition, we’ve been taking part in the technical course on urban gardens maintenance, composting and gardening) with ASSÍS Verd Foundation for homeless people, as well as the constructed wetland pilot plant in the Campus of the University Gaston Berger of Saint Louis (Senegal) for wastewater treatment and reuse in agriculture. 

FSUB provides technical advice to the Follower City of City of Sant Feliu de Llobregat (SFLL) for the planning and implementation of ECS in the municipality. FSUB will facilitate the commitment and citizen involvement in the project and the dynamization of local actors, including the most vulnerable social groups.

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