Edible City Solutions for a better world!

On September 22, from 14.00 to 16.30 h, the local working group “Visibility and Values” (of ECS) from Rotterdam and Wageningen University held an exploratory business model workshop at with five participants from five different ECS in Rotterdam: Groene Connectie, Cooperatie Ondergrond, Stadskwekerij de Kas, De Stad Uit, and Wijkbedrijf (Spoortuin). At the case example of Stadskwekerij de Kas, participants tested and developed a prototype of a Business Model Diamond to make the values visible that stakeholders see in this ECS. The model will be further developed based on the feedback from participants.

The workshop was held to develop D6.6, the Business Model Analyses and Typology of Edible City Solutions. It was facilitated by Alice Bischof (Wageningen University – Business Management & Organization) together with Nienke Bouwhuis (Groene Connectie, a network of ECS in Rotterdam) and Paul de Graaf (Cooperatie Ondergrond, ECS in Rotterdam / Wageningen University – Rural Sociology).