Edible City Solutions for a better world!

Defining fields of action for the master plan process was the aim of this City Team meeting in February. ⁠

The master plans are a key part of the EdiCitNet project, and will guide the City Teams in developing a tailor-made strategy to integrate Edible City Solutions (ECS) into disadvantaged inner city and suburban neighborhoods, to promote social cohesion and to improve quality of life for the inhabitants.⁠

After a short input by the Working Package 4 lead BOKU Vienna, the City Team collected ideas in a lively online brainstorming session. ⁠

They ended up defining five key fields of action: ⁠

  • consumer and producer relationship⁠
  • urban planning⁠
  • education⁠
  • empowerment and ⁠
  • environmental justice. ⁠

These fields of action might still be altered and will be further developed and discussed in working groups.