Edible City Solutions for a better world!

During the EdiCitNet annual meeting (2021), ICRA and UL teams offered an interactive workshop to explore the multi facets of the EdiCitNet Toolbox. The workshop aimed to get consortium partners to know better the TOOLBOX, showcase how the TOOLBOX can be useful through its features/tools, promote inclusive /participative testing to enhance the TOOLBOX and thus foster it’s use during and beyond the project. First, we performed an interactive demonstration in which Participants created profiles for their initiatives, they checked how the profile look like and then and played with the tools (assessment and design and planning).

Next, we had an interactive feedback session. We made tree statements in which participants could strongly agree (score 5) and strongly disagree (score 1). Participants strongly agreed that it is easy to create a profile for initiatives in the toolbox online interface (average score 4.3), that the performance tool is useful to explore and compare different initiatives in terms of sustainability urban challenges and ecosystem services (Average score 4) and that the design and planning tool can help people create their own edible city solution (Average score 3.7). We also asked participants to provide words to define how they perceive the toolbox.

Some of the words were innovative, full of possibilities, informative, modern, interactive, useful, helpful, interesting, easy. These results showed that the Toolbox is becoming more and more user friendly and useful, according to the perception of participants of the workshop. Finally, we asked participants What would they like to see in the toolbox and how can we improve what we already have? We are currently working on the received suggestions, which are mainly concerning technical aspects of the tools (e.g. link with other existing databases as for example FAO climate database).