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On 3/11/2020, the Social Education Platform Cruïlla from Ciutat Meridiana- Barcelona (PES Cruïlla) and the Solidarity Foundation of the University of Barcelona has delivered the extension university course diplomas “Social and community cooking” at the University of Barcelona, coordinated by Dr. Carme Panchón and aimed at young people aged 18 to 25 with special difficulties in socio-occupational integration, preferably in the neighborhoods in the northern part of the Nou Barris district (Ciutat Meridiana, Torre Baró and Vallbona, Barcelona).
The aim of the course has been to offer these young people professional training that facilitates their incorporation into the labour market, specifically in the hotel and catering sector.
In addition to providing them with the necessary theoretical and practical skills in this sector, the course has offered students tools to develop attitudes and skills that contribute to their personal growth and social and employment integration.
The training has included mentored support, has encouraged self-employment and entrepreneurship, and has facilitated the contact of young people with companies in the sector.
The collaboration between PES Cruïlla and the University of Barcelona is part of the Socio-educational Intervention Program that the UB Solidarity Foundation is developing in the North Zone of Barcelona.