Edible City Solutions for a better world!

REACT and the municipality of Carthage have not failed to participate again in the stopover environmental film festival: Envirofest on the corniche of the city of La Marsa last June 25 and 26.

In addition to the open air screening of a selection of films, an eco-responsible market was organized.  Several actors in the environmental cause, craftsmen, artists, NGOs and associations have held stands, conducted workshops and activities to raise awareness and awaken children to environmental causes. Carthage and REACT presented the ECSs of the EdiCitNet network to those who participated in the call for projects EdiCitNet-Carthage to take part in this event.

Two ECSs have responded with their presence, Le jardin d’Amilcar and Carthage Zahret Lebled. During these two days these ECSs presented their concepts, services and activities. They also exhibited and/or sold their edible products. However, the most important thing for these initiatives was to have taken advantage of this event to get visibility and to be known by a public of Carthage residents. It was possible for them to exchange with the inhabitants, to make them aware of the importance of urban agriculture from a social, well-being and health point of view.

The two founders of the two ECSs Samy Boujemaa and Issam Ben Chaben explained to the public the reasons for their involvement in the EdiCitNet network, the objectives and the perspectives of their ECSs. They also motivated the visitors to get involved in urban agriculture as consumers and then as actors by creating their own initiatives.

Keywords : Envirofest – urban agriculture – ECS – EdiCitNet – REACT – Carthage