Edible City Solutions for a better world!

This year’s IRITHESys Summer School is being organised by the EdiCitNet project, and will take place in a two-week online format from September 20th – October 1st 2021.

Participants in the EdiCitNet Summer School will get the opportunity to develop their own “Edible City Solution”, designed to effectively tackle local urban environmental and social challenges. Throughout the two weeks, transdisciplinary groups will explore the complexity of Edible City Solutions and the challenges and opportunities that exist when it comes to applying them in a real world context.

The event will bring together, and draw from insights, from both the academic and non-academic community – with experts supplying their knowledge on different topics from the broad field of edible city solutions, and practitioners providing their insights from the field. The EdiCitNet Summer School will also be adapting and combining successful aspects of common summer school formats, and complementing traditional elements such as lectures and presentations with group work, online team-building activities, interactive on-site sessions and transdisciplinary cooperation.

Highlights of the EdiCitNet Summer School include:⁠

  • Inspiring talks on sustainable urban design, innovative water and resource management and how best to apply Edible City Solutions in urban areas to tackle social challenges
  • Virtual on-site tours demonstrating best practices and insights into real-life Edible City Solutions
  • Engaging “hands-on” interactive tasks with stakeholders and the international ECS network
  • Project work and practical tasks within interdisciplinary working groups
  • Regular input and feedback from ECS experts from diverse backgrounds
  • A flexible, digital learning environment that can be adapted to your own individual schedule and fitted around other work or study commitments
  • An official certificate upon completion of the programme⁠

⁠Find more details and sign up under this this link: “Online Summer School 2021: “Edible City Solutions: One step further toward resilient and sustainably productive cities” We look forward to receiving your application!