Edible City Solutions for a better world!

As part of the technical visits organized by REACT to Tunisian ECSs, 13 members of the Tunisian network had the opportunity to discover the urban compostors designed by the artist and eco-designer, Mr. Lassaad Zouari. The visit was organised on October 2, 2020. Mr. Lassaad has created a cultural centre with an interest in and commitment to sustainable municipal waste management. He advocates for a selective collection of organic waste and its recycling as fertilizer using urban composters of different shapes and capacities and adapted to city life. It enables the produced young leachate and compost to be integrated into a green ECS, thus closing the nutrient loop. Mr. Lassaad had openly shared his vision with us for two hours and presented other creations in favour of sustainable development. The typical behaviour of the Tunisian citizen within the city is integrated in the design of the products in order to increase their lifetime and attractiveness. Mr. Lassaad is organising open trainings and awareness sessions for different visitors and target groups including pupils every Saturday in order to change mentalities and promote the adoption of composting in the city. We thank our host very much and we hope that his urban composter will be used by many Tunisian families and it will be unavoidable for ECSs.