Edible City Solutions for a better world!

The EdiCitNet partner city of Ville de Carthage – known for its ancient sites – is a city within the Greater Tunis conurbation where 2.7 million people live. Greater Tunis produces about 10 percent of the national fruit and vegetable assortment. However, farmland is increasingly being lost to urban growth. The fragmentation of land ownership, labour shortages and water shortages have been recognised by the local government and now addressed through planning efforts. For the city of Carthage, a solid master plan on Edible City Solutions (ECS) is being developed within the EU project EdiCitNet, coordinated by Ina Säumel at the IRI THESys of the HU Berlin.

The goals and work of the EdiCitNet project and the Edible City of Carthage will be presented to a broad public on the occasion of the national holiday of the Tunisian Republic. The local EdiCitNet team, the City Council of Carthage and Mayor Hayet Bayoudh, who is one of the first women in the Arab world to accompany the Mayor’s office, will discuss with the Tunisian Minister of Culture Chiraz Latiri on the integration of edible urban solutions at the Carthage site level, with the Minister of the Environment Chokri Ben Hassen on the impact of the project with the objectives of adapting to climate change and promoting sustainable development.  The German Ambassador to Tunisia, Carsten Meyer-Wiefhausen, and the members of the City Team, local initiatives and citizens will exchange views and experiences.

We are sure that this event will strengthen the further development of the Edible Cities Network in the Arab region.