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Members of Groen010 got together to work on their communication strategy, and met with a representative of London National Park City to discuss Groen010’s campaign to turn Rotterdam into a National Park City too. In December, the team also held another edition of their monthly “Green Cafe” events, where Rotterdamers are invited to join members of Groen010 to visit different green initiatives in the city and have a coffee.

Furthermore, last month Groen010 and Rotterdam’s greenbroker, Els van Dam, organised a meeting with members of the different working groups in the City Team Groen010 and members of the municipality. Together, on February 21st, they will organise the first of a series of Green Tables to get to know each other better, work together at the municipality’s green agenda and Groen010’s manifesto, and find out common goals and opportunities to cooperate.

Members of Groen010 and the municipality working together

Members of Groen010 and the Rotterdam municipality working together