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The network of water management MARIS Berlin Brandenburg—Management of urban water cycles annually awards the AQUA AWARD for outstanding achievements in the water industry, as well as the AQUA SCIENCE AWARD for excellence of young scientists.

This year, the AQUA AWARD was awarded to the project consortium consisting of Berlinovo Grundstücksentwicklungs GmbH, Nolde & Partner – innovative Wasserkonzepte GmbH and Lokus GmbH for a gray water treatment system with waste heat recovery during the new construction of a student residence in Berlin Pankow with 399 apartments. The jury praised the state-owned housing association for the courage to implement an innovative project that contributes to Berlin’s climate goals and can serve as a pioneer in the field. The executing companies, experienced in the planning and implementation of such technologies, were commended for the low-maintenance and efficient plant, which already generates five times more energy than is needed to operate the building when it is less than half occupied In addition, 20% energy savings are achieved in domestic hot water heating and approximately 30% fresh water is saved. The project demonstrates the untapped potential of gray water recycling, and serves as a reference point for the city.

Photo courtesy of MARIS Berlin-Brandenburg