Edible City Solutions for a better world!

On August 20, the second workshop for the implementation of ECS in our Living Lab Marzahn Hellersdorf in the Front Runner City Berlin took place.

At the first workshop in July, the City Team there selected six topics to focus on: direct marketing of regional food, activities in the manor garden, product development, improving the accessibility of the garden, decentralized areas for food and conflict management.

During the second workshop, the participants (divided into small groups) developed project ideas on these topics, which can be further processed as edible city solutions. A ranking was used to select the three topics that should be further developed: activities in the manor garden for children and adults, decentralized areas for food and product development. The aim was to develop three projects from these themes as edible city solutions for the Hellersdorf site.

After the workshop, the project concepts will be worked out in the form of an “Implementation Plan” and coordinated with the City Team. All participants are invited to get more involved in one (or more) of the projects and to become part of a working group.

We are happy about this fruitful workshop and thank all participants for their active participation!