We are pleased to introduce to you the initiative Spreeacker, which is part of the Edible Cities Network.

Spreeacker was called into life in 2011 and is committed to developing and demonstrating the practice of edible and productive landscapes in urban, public spaces. The NPO understands itself as part of a larger movement actively working to stay ahead of the emerging food and climate crises.

The initial goal was inviting the neighborhood and the larger community to discover, explore and activate the open spaces next to the River Spree and Spreeacker has gone on to develop and manage a number of community gardens at this location. This garden work is meant to be enjoyed as well as to be educational, especially for the wider public.

An edible city solution – a food forest – has been initiated in the public space, which brings together practices of permaculture and edible landscaping with nature’s way of developing forests. More than 80 different plants in this garden are edible and/or productive. This urban food forest is growing with the support of the surrounding community, with experts, students, neighbors, activists and interested persons.

The main work, Spreeacker is doing consists of:

– The practice of developing and demonstrating edible and productive landscapes in urban, public spaces, in cooperation with private and public partners, neighbors, experts, students and activists

– Educational work regarding tours, visits, workshops and discussions with a wide range of groups

– Connecting permaculture experts, community garden activists and other food experts

Find their projects and more information on their website: https://spreeacker.de/


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