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EdiCitNet Consulting Services Are you involved in an Edible City initiative and looking for FREE consulting services to further develop the financial sustainability model for your organization? You have come to the right place! Food production in urban areas is a...

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We believe that urban agriculture can greatly contribute to create more resilient and self-supporting local economies and thereby also play a vital role in the recovery from the current crisis. As a part of our EdiCitNet project, we are in the process of establishing...

Welcome to the EdiCitNet Marketplace!

The EdiCitNet Marketplace is a digital platform for Edible City initiatives and entrepreneurs across the world.

Unlike other online marketplaces that simply connect buyers and sellers, the EdiCitNet Marketplace facilitates connection and collaboration between Edible City initiatives, entrepreneurs, institutions and NGOs at the local, regional and global level.

Want to collaborate with other Edible City initiatives in your city or country, share experiences, find inspiration and promote your activities, products and services?

Click here to register on the EdiCitNet Marketplace, be featured on our website and be kept informed about future events. You can also use the EdiCitNet Marketplace to find and connect to other organizations. Follow these simple steps to start a new collaboration!

Step 1: Register your initiative/organization on the Marketplace. Congrats! Now, your profile is active on the Marketplace.

Step 2: Sort the initiatives/organizations based on country/region, product/service category or type to see profiles of the different initiatives/organizations that are already part of the network.

Step 3: Click on the tile to find out more.

Step 4: See something you like? Contact the initiative and collaborate further!

Want support in growing your business or strengthening your organisation?

The EdiCitNet consulting team offers a range of free services, including advice on sustainable development models and marketing/promotional strategies in cities. 

  • Free online workshops, tailormade for select cities throughout Europe. Check out the dates and topics of our upcoming workshops here!
  • Free 1-on-1 business and organisational consulting services for early-stage Edible City organizations. Get in touch with our consulting team to ask your burning questions! 

Have more questions?

Check out our FAQs section to find answers to your questions about how to plan and run a successful organization. We have gathered the answers from experts and condensed some of the most asked questions on this page. If you don’t find the answers to your questions, be sure to get in touch.

Marketplace Resources

Here you will find the further Marketplace resources to help you grow your edible city solution, business or initiative.