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We are pleased to introduce to you the initiative “Stadt macht satt” (Harvest the City), which is part of the Edible Cities Network.

“Stadt macht satt” (Harvest the City) is an initiative of the artist Anja Fiedler. Harvest the city gathers and develops ideas on how we can harvest delicious things in the city and how we can produce food ourselves – even in the smallest of spaces. Anja Fiedler developed different prototypes of vertical gardening (window garden, salad and vegetable trees) and different interactive social culture events to activate people to rethink our food system and find their own way to change it. Anja Fiedler believes that by FARMING, GROWING, HARVESTING and COOKING together, the cities’ inhabitants come closer to nature and their food. This not only makes our cities greener, but also our actions. The UNESCO has awarded “Stadt macht satt” as an exemplary project to teach children and adults how to think and act sustainably.

Find more information on their website: https://stadtmachtsatt.de/

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