Edible City Solutions for a better world!

Kick-off meeting City Team Neukölln

Yesterday the City Team of our Living Lab Neukölln in the Front Runner City Berlin met for the first time for the kick-off meeting.

On a beautiful autumn day, we had a look at the future Living Lab area at the New Jacobi Cemetery in Neukölln.

With coffee and cake, we presented the whole project and discussed the future work of the City Team. A very inclusive City Team is looking forward to the coming months and the next two co-creation workshops in November!

Kick-off in the framework of the Edible Cities Network Living Lab

Our city becomes edible: Residents create green oases inside, community gardens and other “edible” initiatives improve the individual quality of life, are important social places and make a valuable contribution to neighbourhood development.

Since September 2018 Berlin has been participating in the EU project EdiCitNet (Edible Cities Network – Integrating Edible City Solutions for social, resilient and sustainably productive cities). One aim of the project is to create a global network to promote urban food production. 12 cities from Europe and around the world are participating as practice partners. Among them there are so-called “Follower Cities” which develop specific “Edible City Master Plans”, Berlin has been participating since 2018 (the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing is in charge). The input for these plans will be generated in five so-called “Front Runner Cities”, which will test solutions in model projects, each with a different thematic focus (neighbourhood gardens, direct marketing of food, building-related agriculture, etc.) and make the results available to  other participating cities. Berlin has recently also become a Front Runner City and under the direction of the Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing and Nomadisch Grün GmbH, will carry out a Living Lab at the Neuer St. Jacobi Friedhof Neukölln and Gut Hellersdorf. The central question in Berlin is to what extent socially disadvantaged neighbourhoods can be strengthened by solutions of the edible city. Both locations will be accompanied and co-designed by a so-called “LivingLab Team” consisting of decision-makers, practice partners and residents. This team is to be as broad and interdisciplinary as possible so that the solutions found will stand up to the critical eyes of the administration, practice, science and the neighbourhood.

We would be pleased if you would become part of the Living Lab Team Neukölln and help shape the model project on site. The probable time required, apart from 2 initial meetings, is one Jour Fix every 2-3 months. The participation is voluntary. In order to get to know each other and to introduce you to the goals and contents, the time schedule and the methods of EdiCitNet, we cordially invite you to the following dates:

Monday, 26.10.2020 14-18 hrs Kick-Off LivingLab Team Neukölln

Monday, 9.11.2020 14-18 hrs 1st workshop

Wednesday, 24.11.2020 14-18 hrs 2. workshop

The following agenda is planned for the kick-off on 26.10.2020:

1. Guided tour of the Neuer St. Jacobi Friedhof (Nomadisch Grün gGmbH)

2. Presentation of EdiCitNet (overall project worldwide, by HU-Berlin)

3. Presentation Berlin (Masterplan and Living Lab, by the Senate for Urban Development and Housing and Nomadisch Grün gGmbH)

4. Questions, discussion and outlook on the tasks of the City Team

Meeting point is 15:00 at the New St. Jacobi Cemetery (Hermannstraße 99-105, 12051 Berlin). Afterwards we will meet at the premises of STATTBAU Stadtentwicklungsgesellschaft GmbH (Hermannstraße 182, 12049 Berlin)

We would be very grateful if you could let us know whether you will be participating in the Living-Lab team in general and in the Kick-Off. Please write to: edicitnet [at] prinzessinnengarten [dot] net

We are looking forward to a good cooperation and rich insights!

“Stadt macht satt” is on the EdiCitNet Marketplace!

We are pleased to introduce to you the initiative “Stadt macht satt” (Harvest the City), which is part of the Edible Cities Network.

“Stadt macht satt” (Harvest the City) is an initiative of the artist Anja Fiedler. Harvest the city gathers and develops ideas on how we can harvest delicious things in the city and how we can produce food ourselves – even in the smallest of spaces. Anja Fiedler developed different prototypes of vertical gardening (window garden, salad and vegetable trees) and different interactive social culture events to activate people to rethink our food system and find their own way to change it. Anja Fiedler believes that by FARMING, GROWING, HARVESTING and COOKING together, the cities’ inhabitants come closer to nature and their food. This not only makes our cities greener, but also our actions. The UNESCO has awarded “Stadt macht satt” as an exemplary project to teach children and adults how to think and act sustainably.

Find more information on their website: https://stadtmachtsatt.de/

Become part of the EdiCitNet Marketplace along with many exciting initiatives like “Stadt macht satt” and register here: https://www.edicitnet.com/biz/

Social Gastronomy Movement – Food Solidarity Gathering – 16-23 October 2020

If you are looking at connecting with organisations across the world that use food for social good and learning and sharing ideas and best practices, then please register for the range of events taking place virtually.

On October 16, World Food Day, the Social Gastronomy Movement will kick-off a week-long virtual event series. The SGM Food Solidarity Gathering is co-created by social entrepreneurs and organizations using the power of food to create change and will feature over 27 sessions, 35 speakers, and 34 hours of online content.

What to Expect:
Connection and action. Sessions throughout the week will dive deep into a the theme of Food Solidarity, which is when we collectively  engage the human side of the food cycle and work towards the shared goal of universal access to healthy food and freedom from hunger. Throughout the week SGM will co-create action plans as well as foster connection and collaboration within the community.

On a peer-to-peer basis the intent of the gathering is to:

  1. Showcase Community Members and Inspire to Action
  2. Co-create Actionable Solutions
  3. Share Valuable Learnings
  4. Have Meaningful Dialogues

To view the full program and sign up for sessions please visit www.socialgastronomy.org/sgm-gathering-sessions.

EdiCitNet at the Autumn festival in the Gutsgarten Helldersdorf


Edible Cities participated in the autumn celebration held by Prinzessinnengarten last Thursday 08.10 at 14:30 in GutsGarten Hellersdorf. Neighbors, along with project members, had the chance to grill, share food together, exchange anecdotes and ideas and enjoy a music show performed by children from the local school. The local project “Hellersdorfer Gesichter” also took part in the event, where participants had the chance to narrate their own stories and receive a portrait from one of the artists involved. It was a great opportunity to meet each other, explore and garden together while enjoying a nice autumn evening.