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The city of Sant Feliu del LLobregat hosts the first day of Spain’s “National Meeting of Urban Gardens” (Encuentro Estatal de Huertos Urbanos)

On the 8th October, the city of Sant Feliu del LLobregat hosted the first day of the Encuentro Estatal de Huertos Urbanos (Spanish National Meeting of Urban Gardens) which took place from 8 to 10 October in Barcelona and the surrounding metropolitan area. The National Meeting of Urban Gardens is a space for exchanging experiences, sharing knowledge and creating synergies between the different gardens and urban agriculture initiatives located throughout Spain. On Friday the 8th, Sant Feliu del LLobregat – a Follower City within the EdiCitNet Project – welcomed the participants with visits to the “El Pla” orchard and the “Les Tovalloles” civic centre.


Finding Sustainable Economic Models in Urban Agriculture – First workshop in Oslo

Nabolagshager and the Agency for Urban Environment (@Bymiljøetaten), hosted on the 30th of September the first workshop of a series of three workshops to help urban agriculture initiatives in Oslo to develop their sustainable financial models. During the first workshop “Identifying and communicating your value”, we looked at how we can align our own personal values and goals with those of our project, and how to communicate the value of our work to the external world.

We want to thank all the participants for attending the workshop at @Linderud gård and we hope they found the session helpful and informative. Special thanks goes to Alice Bischof from @Wageningen University, who came to Oslo to help participants to identify and communicate the value of their organizations using the “Business Model Diamond” tool.

We look forward very much to meeting you all the participants again at the next workshop on the 21st of October!!

You can find more information about the workshops “Finding Sustainable Economic Models in Urban Agriculture” in this link: https://www.edicitnet.com/workshops-oslo-finding-sustainable-economic-models-in-urban-agriculture/

Welcome to studio Nagelneu!

The studio Nagelneu, a former nail salon at Hermannstraße 103 in Berlin, will become a public living room for the neighborhood for the next two years. Initiated by the Prinzessinnengarten Kollektiv Berlin as part of the Edible Cities Network and designed by the Berlin architect collective Team Dis+Ko, the space will be used temporarily and will offer space for neighborhood initiatives, workshops, meetings and events – for you!

We are especially happy about events that contribute to a socio-ecological change, e.g. with the following topics:  SUSTAINABILITY, CEMETERY & MOURNING CULTURE, ANTI-DISCRIMINATION, EDUCATION, RESEARCH, NEIGHBORHOOD, FOOD, URBAN NATURE.

The studio nagelneu to co-design is open to all to play or use it? Feel free to contact us at nagelneu [at] prinzessinnengarten [dot] net!

The future of food: how to link health and sustainability? Conference in Barcelona, October 2021

The conference, co-organized by the University of Barcelona, the Barcelona Public Health Agency and the Barcelona City Council, is integrated in the multiple and various activities that are taking place in Barcelona and its metropolitan area the whole 2021, in which Barcelona is the World Capital of Sustainable Food.

The conference will discuss about the future of food: how to combine health and sustainability? and will gather the experience of the academy, the civil society and the public institutions in a reflective debate, The seminar will combine lectures, roundtables and discussions around: diet and health, the impact of the climate change on food systems, agro-ecology, equitable biodiversity, food security and the socioeconomic impact. The conference will also approach the issues of food equity, the food right, food vulnerabilities, the environmental impact of food and diets, low-cost food and the added value of local products for the sustainability and for the strengthening of the local economies.

EdicitNet back at Envirofest La Marsa: the corniche from 25 to 26/06/2021

REACT and the municipality of Carthage have not failed to participate again in the stopover environmental film festival: Envirofest on the corniche of the city of La Marsa last June 25 and 26.

In addition to the open air screening of a selection of films, an eco-responsible market was organized.  Several actors in the environmental cause, craftsmen, artists, NGOs and associations have held stands, conducted workshops and activities to raise awareness and awaken children to environmental causes. Carthage and REACT presented the ECSs of the EdiCitNet network to those who participated in the call for projects EdiCitNet-Carthage to take part in this event.

Two ECSs have responded with their presence, Le jardin d’Amilcar and Carthage Zahret Lebled. During these two days these ECSs presented their concepts, services and activities. They also exhibited and/or sold their edible products. However, the most important thing for these initiatives was to have taken advantage of this event to get visibility and to be known by a public of Carthage residents. It was possible for them to exchange with the inhabitants, to make them aware of the importance of urban agriculture from a social, well-being and health point of view.

The two founders of the two ECSs Samy Boujemaa and Issam Ben Chaben explained to the public the reasons for their involvement in the EdiCitNet network, the objectives and the perspectives of their ECSs. They also motivated the visitors to get involved in urban agriculture as consumers and then as actors by creating their own initiatives.

Keywords : Envirofest – urban agriculture – ECS – EdiCitNet – REACT – Carthage

EdicitNet at Envirofest again: Cité de la Culture from 11 to 16/06/21

     On the sidelines of the 4th edition of the film festival on the environment Envirofest, taking place from 11 to 16 June 2021, was held the environmental village. This village was the place of exhibition of artists, craftsmen in ecoresponsible products and popularizations of activities of actors impacting the environment in Tunisia.

REACT held a stand to present the various projects in which the association is involved. Among which is EdiCitNet. A poster, with the objectives of the project, was exposed as well as the projection of the video clip, about EdiCitNet, realized in November 2020. The originality during this edition was to carry out an action, initiated by REACT in collaboration with ASEST (The Deaf Sports and Educational Academy of Tunis) ASEST (L’Académie Sportive et Educative des Sourds de Tunis), for the inclusion of the deaf and hard of hearing to environmental education.

Thus, groups of deaf and hard-of-hearing children and adults were able to benefit from sign language translation at most of the stands in the environmental village and especially at the REACT stand. The translators explained the objectives of EdiCitNet to this audience in sign language, based on the poster and the video clip, and helped REACT members to animate and make accessible the educational games planned for them. Where, they were led to recognize blindfolded, an array of vegetable and edible plants.


These games were very successful with the deaf and hard of hearing groups because of their playful and enriching aspect. They were then motivated to participate in the second workshop: creation of cards with dried edible plants. Through its participation in events, REACT innovates and integrates playful tools to disseminate the concepts of urban agriculture and edible city.

Key words : Envirofest – urban agriculture – inclusion of the deaf and hard of hearing – environmental
education – EdiCitNet- REACT – Carthage.