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Get To Know The EdiCitNet Business Consulting Team

Main members of the EdiCitNet Business Consulting team are experts from Humboldt University of Berlin, from the Norwegian SME Nabolagshager, and from the Borderstep Institute in Berlin. The team is supported by Wageningen University and other experts from several SMEs and NGOs. The following is the core team of the Business Consulting Team:


Suhana Reddy 

Doctoral researcher and EdiCitNet scientific project management at Humboldt University of Berlin

Alexander Schabel

Head of Sustainable Business Development at the Borderstep Institute

Laura Martinez-Izquierdo

Director of Research at Nabolasghager AS


Other experts in the Business Consulting Team

  • Dr. Emiel Wubben, Associate Professor Strategic Management at Wageningen University
  • Dr. Geoffrey Hagelaar, Assistant Professor, Business Management & Organisation at Wageningen University
  • Alice Bischof, PhD Researcher at Wageningen University
  • Adam Curtis, CEO and Director of operations at Nabolagshager
  • Helene Gallis, Director of Partnerships and Innovation at Nabolagshager AS
  • Thomas Wachtel, Research Associate / Doctoral Researcher at Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Martin Regelsberger, from Transition Oststeiermark
  • Erwin Nolde, from Nolde&Partner
  • Kai Gildhorn, CEO of Mundraub
  • Felix Mollenhauer, expert in Green Roofs and Green Facades at BuGG

The EdiCitNet Business Consulting team will provide effective consultancy services to initiatives and businesses registered in the marketplace. How? A series of online workshops, seminars and brokerage events will be implemented by the EdiCitNet Business Consulting Team to help Edible City Solution (ECS) initiatives and small businesses to improve their business development and marketing strategies.