Edible City Solutions for a better world!

We are pleased to introduce to you the platform mundraub, which is an official partner of the Edible Cities Network.

mundraub.org is the largest German-speaking platform for the discovery and use of edible landscapes. It enables you to map sites, create actions and found groups. mundraub.org creates awareness for regionality and seasonality and wants to motivate you to perceive and use your surroundings in a culinary way. So you can see on a map where you can pick fruit or harvest vegetables in your area. This mapping tool is already serving as an Edible City Solution itself. Their almost ten-year knowledge in collecting and visualizing data will aid in creating and visualizing the Edible City Network.

They also organize harvesting and planting activities and offer guided discovery tours and support municipalities in the design and implementation of edible urban landscapes and accompany them on their way to becoming an edible city.  They bring areas and surrounding neighborhoods together and initiate individual forms of citizen participation.

Find their projects and more information on their website: https://mundraub.org/

Become part of the EdiCitNet Marketplace along with many exciting initiatives like mundraub and register here: https://www.edicitnet.com/biz/