Eles City Solutions per a un món millor!

We are glad to inform you that the Performance assessment tool, available in the EdiCitNet toolbox web interface (https://toolbox.edicitnet.com/assessment/) has been improved.

One of the main novelties is that users can check out the TOP 10 Edible City Solutions (ECS) in terms of their performance regarding sustainability, urban challenges, and ecosystem services. Moreover, the TOP 10 ECS can also be organized by typology of ECS (e.g. private gardens, community gardens, community kitchens, local markets).

Another novelty is that users can explore the performance of a specific ECS or compare it with other ECS in terms of Sustainability, urban challenges, and ecosystem services. In addition, if you are interested to know more about this ECS, you can easily access their PROFILES from the performance assessment interface. Also, all the data concerning the performance assessment is public available in j.son and excel formats.

EdiCitNet is planning to improve even more the assessment tool. To do so, the tool will allow user to filter ECS per city, and thus explore, compare, and check the top 10 ECS per city.

The performance assessment tool is public and does not require registration to be used. Nevertheless, we kindly invite representatives of Edible City Solutions to create their profiles in the toolbox, and thus help us to expand the edible network, promote knowledge transfer and built together the most compressive database of Edible City Solutions. Please, let us know if you need help.