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Culture Incubator / Smart Idealisme

Culture Incubator / Smart Idealisme develops projects on beekeeping, cultivation of herbs and edible flowers and urban agriculture in different places in Oslo. One of the most important goal is to include people in good activities, and offer them opportunities for inspiration, work and learning.

We are engaged with social development, local food production (honney, edible flowers and vegetables) and the contribution to knowledge in this arena in an interdisciplinary way.

Our core product is honey and its by-products, the edible flower and the growning of herbs and organic vegetables. We focus on creating a valuable local product and promoting a change of mindset through food/sustainable natural products.



blomstenbienogbyen [at] gmail [dot] com

Oslo: Linderud farm in the district Bjerke, in Biermannsgården on Sagene, in the garden of Villa Stenersen in the district Vestre Aker and in Wøyen gård, Bærum

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