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UT SEMIDE is an institutional network of Ministries in charge of inland water of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership countries. It has a core activity on data management for integrated water resources planning.  It aims at collecting and facilitating the sharing of information and experiences in the water sector.

UT SEMIDE is part of the Management Committee the Cost Action Circular City and developing the exploitation plan, including business plans for circular economy solutions based on Nature Based Solutions for providing water to local food production.

UT SEMIDE will contribute to monitoring activities on water, environment issues and links with EU policies as well as on business development and market uptake. It will also use its wide network in the Mediterranean for transfer and dissemination as well as to support market uptake. 

Some of the best practices of SEMIDE are the development of “Business models for regenerative and nature-based water solutions” in the framework of HYDROUSA project, and the implementation of Sustainable Mediterranean Cities platform to promote the exchange of good practices on water and waste management.

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