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Mellomrommet Tokerudåsen Boligsameie

Located in what used to be an ignored area between suburban buildings in Stovner, a suburban area in Oslo listed as an area with the highest number of immigrants and lowest incomes in Olso, Mellomrommet has made a direct impact on the lives of people in the neighbourhood. People from the age of 3 – 88 have contributed on all levels. All tasks and planning is carried out by volunteers, and all the produce goes back to the community at no cost. Everyone can join in, at no charge, and there is no demand for work to get a part of the crop. This set up is to include EVERYONE, for example elderly, physically disabled or those with limited Norwegian skills.

We have a wall of herbs, a corn labyrinth, a herbal star, a tomato gallery, an orangery, a greenhouse for exotic fruit and vegetables, strawberry stairs, a salad bar, a heaven of beans, a stone wall with thyme, an orchard, a pride flower bed, self grown flowers at every entrance, all types of edible fruits and vegetables from kiwis and melons to kale and turnips, rain water tanks, insect hotels, bumble bee baths, potato towers, a bean teepee, meadows and a pumpkin portal: Everything designed and created by volunteer labour, and to a large extent by the use of recycled materials. Open to the public 24-7.

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