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Moestuinman is a small business owned by Max de Corte. They started with community vegetable gardens and urban farming in general. Nowadays they mainly do (edible) greening of schoolyards projects (development, designing and implementing) and Food Forest and Edible Forest Gardening (development, designing, implementing, maintenance and harvesting). All these projects are done together with a network of other local entrepreneurs.

With 5,5 years of experience in running a market garden run with volunteers in 10 years of activating volunteers Moestuinman has a big social component and involvement.

Moestuinman also calls itself a permaculture entrepreneur which means we work with the following ethics: take care of the planet, take care of the people and share the abundance!

Moestuinman is involved with the Living lab and City Team of Rotterdam and is leading a research of urban farming projects with the goal of setting up a city wide network and/or organization which can support all the projects involved.

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