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Wild & Root

Wild & Root is a collective of creative storytellers. We craft interactive campaigns, consulting and team building events for sustainable brands, turning their values into engaging experiences. We believe in the value of food, environmental education and emotional connection.

As a food creative agency, we design and implement strategies and events using food as a language medium. Whether externally (e.g., for customers and press representatives) or internally (e.g., team building), we want guests to taste, smell and experience food.

We are witnessing a pivotal moment for bringing the value of food back into people’s lives. We create sensorially engaging food experiences which allow playful self-awareness. Blurring the line between art installation & marketing craft, we encourage a dialogue with sustainable ideas.

For instance, we showcase local products and highlight the potential of a region during special events. How? The main idea of these events is to break conventional product debates and introduce playful elements. This makes participants more receptive to the beauty on their doorstep.

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