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Kindertagesstätte Löwenzahn

The municipal daycare center „Löwenzahn“ provides all day care for 110 children aged between one and six years. The pedagogical concept is based on the work of Jean Jacques Rousseau, Maria Montessori und Jean Piaget, who focus on the child as an independent person.

We assume that the child experiences its environment in action and that its own actions make it satisfied. Children learn holistically and for this reason education and training areas are closely linked in our institution and are designed to be interrelated and interdependent in order to make it possible for the children to experience meaningful action contexts.

The stay in nature enables children to develop different sensory, motor and cognitive abilities. We would therefore like to offer our children a variety of experiences in nature. In addition to designing our own garden and taking regular trips into the forest, we also enjoy the opportunities offered by the edible city. Our children demonstrate manual skill in the construction of flower beds, they observe plant development, taste the different varieties and experience self-efficacy through the cultivation of their own food. We support the festivals of the edible city and are involved in the EdiCitNet project as participants of the living lab and organizers in the city team.

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